Roger Clarke - Oil Painter

Taking up the brush and knife at the age of 13, I quickly developed a passion and love of working in oils. After a school life that revolved around painting, the 'Art Room' and little else, it was time to move on to Art School, and after all too brief dalliances in Cardiff and London, I dropped out to pursue my ambitions elsewhere - away from what I saw, in my youthful immaturity, as white noise and no little over analysis. After establishing myself as both a painter and photographer, I found myself in Australia and it is to the Creative Arts that I have once again turned, and am relishing the experience enormously, both selling and creating a folio of which I am extremely proud. Exhibiting in both London and Brisbane, my work is now available for purchase on this site if shipping is a viable option. 

After 15 years experience in the corporate fit-out and decor sector, my works are also available on a commission basis, tailored to the individual client or industry specifications required.

All paintings are unframed for Shipping reasons, unless otherwise specified and shipping rates are calculated during the purchase process and are based on Buyer location, value and weight. Prices shown are in Australian Dollars.


Prices may vary slightly, between and those displayed at the showroom at the New Farm Antique Centre in Teneriffe, where I exhibit and sell my work. Prices shown on this site are for unframed works and have no commissions included, whereas the artwork from the studio are often framed and allow for a sales commission to the Antique Centre.

Thank you for viewing, and for your interest. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate in contacting me via the Contacts page.



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